Managed IT Services

Core Managed Service Offerings

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Cloud-Based:  Users are up and running and protected quickly.


  • Automatic: Select data, schedule and frequency. Get coffee.  Done. Relax.  Peace of mind is yours!


  • Transparent: You pay for only what you need to backup.  No tricky licenses, limitations or restrictions.


  • Comprehensive: Works on Windows, Linux, OSX. Backs up files, MS Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, Oracle. Works across virtualized environments like - VMware or Hyper-V.


  • Flexible: Backup to our redundant data centers, your data centers, local storage, or any combination. 


  • Business Grade: Real archiving -- multiple versions saved for as long as you need. Fully encrypted at rest and in transit with military grade technology and private keys that only you know.


  • Intelligent: We backup only the changes.  Really fast -- up to 5GB/Min. You get a report as often as you want so you know immediately where you stand.


  • Fast Restores: Self-service restoration is as easy as selecting a file from a folder. Beats paying someone else an arm and a leg to go get a tape from 7 years ago and try to restore it!


Email Security & Archiving

  • Security: Protect Your Business from Spam, Malware, Phishing, Viruses and Other Email-Borne Threats

  • Continuity: 24/7 email continuity allows employees to continue to send and receive email while your provider (Microsoft, Google, other) restores service even during a server or service outage.

  • Audit-proof: Encrypted, tamper-proof integrated archiving easily and securely retains email communications for compliance, e-discovery, and intellectual property preservation

  • Universal Compatibility - works with any email infrastructure including cloud based email providers. Nothing to install or maintain 


Remote Management & Monitoring

  • Proactive remote monitoring and management diagnoses and fixes problems before they impact you

  • Automated patch management and anti-vuris updates ensure the safety, reliability and performance of your systems

  • Asset tracking for all hardware and software

  • Remote access to your systems by our technicians provide quick and economical resolution to your problems

  • Internet filtering and protection allows you to set policies for what your devices are allowed to browse

WiFi Management:

WiFi Management as Service


Disaster Recovery & Continuity:

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


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