Managed Services​


In today’s fast-paced business environment, network downtime is simply not an option. The costs to your business are too great – with the potential for lost productivity, lost customer service, and most importantly, lost revenue. But, ensuring around-the-clock network availability is no small feat – particularly if it falls squarely on your shoulder

Email Archiving, Security, Continuity
  • Powerful anti-virus engines provide protection against email-borne threats

  • Highly accurate spam filtering improves productivity

  • Integrated archiving easily and securely retains email communications for compliance, e-discovery, and intellectual property preservation

  • Universal compatibility - works with any email infrastructure including cloud based email providers. Nothing to install or maintain 

Data Backup, Retention, Recovery

Our mind is on your business' data. Without it, we know that your company's productivity stops. Making sure that you have quick access to the most current information is critical to the success of your business.


Let us help you implement a safe and secure data protection solution without sacrificing accessibility.


Does this sound familiar?

  • "I like the security and redundancy of Offsite Storage, but it requires too much bandwidth."

  • "Onsite Backup is convenient but what if I forget to run my backup or the tapes get stolen?"

Remote Management, Patching, Anti-Virus, System State
  • Proactive remote monitoring and management diagnoses and fixes problems before they impact you

  • Automated patch management and anti-vuris updates ensure the safety, reliability and performance of your systems

  • Asset tracking for all hardware and software

  • Remote access to your systems by our technicians provide quick and economical resolution to your problems

  • Internet filtering and protection allows you to set policies for what your devices are allowed to browse 

Desktop as a Service Virtualization
  • Scaleable on demand and pay for only what you consume

  • Always on and always available from any location

  • Deliver only what your users need:

    • Application 

    • Shared instance

    • Dedicated customizable instance


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