The Project Level Assessment is a 24-question assessment that determines the risk and complexity of a project and then assigns a Level of 1, 2, or 3 to the project.
Projects are assigned a level based on a combination of three elements:
- Level thresholds for each risk category, which determine how a project is scored for a specific category (e.g. Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, etc.). These are set once for all projects.
- Importance weightings for each risk category, for a specific project, which determine how much a score for one category impacts the overall project level.
- Responses to the 24 questions.
Each question is associated with one or more project risk categories, and the answer you choose will impact the project's score for those categories. The category thresholds are set manually in the Level Thresholds tab. The actual project level is determined by the importance rating for all categories.
This tool contains the following:
1) Instructions - (This page) provides information on the tool itself.
2) Level Thresholds - This tab allows for level thresholds to be set for each risk category. This tab will be completed once according to the thresholds set by your Project Management organization. Note: once completed, hide this tab to avoid confusion.
3) Project x Input - These tabs allow for weighting of the categories by importance, and contain the assessment questions  to be answered for each project. Up to 3 projects can be assessed (Project 1 Input, Project 2 Input, Project 3 Input).
4) Project x Results - These tabs present the results of the assessment, including which risk categories are of greater or lesser concern to the project as a whole. Each project will have its own results page. The results for up to 3 projects can be generated. (Project 1 Results, Project 2 Results, Project 3 Results).
ð  The tool is designed to determine the project level as follows:
         Level 1: Lowest risk, least complex
         Level 2: Moderate risk and complexity
         Level 3: Highest risk and complexity
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PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition

Method123 Project Risk Assessment Tool

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