HC3: The Virtualization Platform



Scale Computing's HC3 platform was built from the ground up for virtualization environments. Similar efficiency and scale concepts used at webscale companies such as Amazon and Google were built into HC3 to deliver a fully integrated platform that includes server, storage and virtualization, all in one appliance, optimized with our patented technology ICOS, for your applications. You no longer make the tradeoff of performance vs cost. This is what the industry is calling Hyperconvergence.


Businesses can no longer afford to sit on legacy infrastructure to run business applications, but are still forced to do more with less. Virtualization is the first step in building your infrastructure for today and tomorrow. HC3 delivers simplicity, availability and scalability all in one

Simple. All you need in one box. No complexity
With HC3, you get:
  • HC3 OneTouch™ Provisioning - in a matter of minutes, you have all the resources provisioned to have your environment up and running.

  • HC3 OneTouch™ Configuration - Rapidly configure your resources to match your applications using our automated, easy to use web portal.

  • HC3 OneTouch™ Deployment - Once you've provisioned and configured, just set the thresholds your business needs, and HC3 does the rest for you.


In addition, you have:

  • No additional software license - HC3 builds in all the software intelligence of the hypervisor and automated management so you don't have to deal with overbloated licensing features.

  • No additional hardware - HC3's integrated appliance eliminates the need for separate SAN/NAS or servers so you don't have to manage separately anymore.

  • No storage protocols - HC3 was designed to abstract the complexity of storage. We integrate the complexity of storage protocols so you no longer have to worry about them.

Applications. Your applications. Simply available.
  • HC3 Protect™ - All of the benefits of RAID 10, plus more, including protection against disk AND node failures, rebuilds in minutes instead of hours, and automatic 2 sets of copies.

  • HC3 VM Failover™ - if a node fails, HC3 automatically determines where there is capacity, and moves VMs to those nodes.

  • HC3 High Availability - all VMs have integrated high availability, so you no longer have to worry about downtime.

Scalable. Grow on demand. When you need it
  • Pay as you scale - you no longer have to overprovision capacity for what you don't know. If you need more, simply add more nodes.

  • Dynamic VM allocation - HC3 intelligently identifies where there is capacity and allocates VMs to those nodes, eliminating the guessing game for you. It eliminates underutilization of resources.

  • Automated management - HC3 is built with automation in mind, to eliminate the need for server and storage specialists. Our automated capabilities optimize your resources for a more efficient, scalable virtualization environment.


All of this, at a FRACTION OF THE COST of VMware and other traditional virtualization vendors.

(C) LevelNext 2020